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Rejoignez le Régiment aujourd'hui (Join us today)!

Le Régiment Bourbonnais is dedicated to accurately portraying the French Army of Rochambeau. We are always looking for new Recrues (recruits) to join in the action and are happy to meet with you to discuss whether this is the right hobby for you.

We make joining as easy as it can be. All of the components of our uniform are made by us for us. We work hard to accept all people into our ranks, be they man or woman. We strive to maintain a French military culture. While all commands are done in French, fluency in French is not required.


To be sworn to service as a Soldat in our Fusilier Company, a recrue (recruit) must be at least 16 years old, physically able to handle a 1777 French Infantry Musket and the rigors of marching, demonstrate proficiency in the 1776 French army drill, and be cleared by the field staff.

If you are younger than 16 or are unable to meet the physical requirements, there are other fun and equally contributing soldat positions.

We also are looking for musicians to become Tambours (Drummers) and Fifres. Tambpurs and fifres played an important role in 18th century military life by providing command and control signals on the battle field and a steady pace on those long marches. While Musical experience is desirable, an enthusiastic attitude along with dedication to hard work, excellence and a good sense of humour are much more important.

In addition, le Régiment Bourbonnais is supported by American followers. A very important component of 18th century regimental life, the "followers" provided necessary support to the Soldat’s daily existence. Our followers are the family of our Soldats, and we work hard to keep everyone in your family, part of our family.


After we meet and you still would like to proceed there are basic expenses for material cost for clothing. The majority of our uniform and gear are made in house at unit workshops. Some have to be purchased from an outside merchant, to whom we direct you. We make equipping as easy as possible, and will assist you every step of the way.

For more information, please email our Sergen des recrues.